Baskets in new version

In the new version baskets show up on screen when you click on the hunt picture. Like earlier baskets can represent friends, this time an NPC basket shows up aswell, Sheldon the turtle.

Old versionEdit

The basket shows various information regarding a person's collection statistics, their hatched and incubating pets, and potentially a nest. If the basket being viewed is yours and you have not collected many eggs in the current season, an information box will show with a link imbedded tutorial video.

If the owner of a basket has collected many special eggs or hatched many pets, you will need to click a link in either section to show all the special eggs collected and hatched.

Note: When you find an egg, you will be offered a chance to add it to your basket. This does not directly take you to your basket, but instead to a option page. See collecting and basketing for more information.