Eggs are divided into rarity colors ranging from white to black. Whereas white is the easiest to find and black the hardest.


White - Bountiful

Yellow - Plentiful

Orange - Abundant

Green - Common

Blue - Uncommon

Purple - Scarce

Red - Rare

Brown - Very Rare

Black - Super Rare

Old VersionEdit

This page or text refers to something that was removed when moving to the new Hatchlings version

Common: Likely to be found in a nest and not included under the limited edition eggs found.

Special: No specific difficulty in being found, but added to limited edition listing on a player's basket page.

Warehouse Only: Cannot be found in nests, but can be purchased at the warehouse. Considered limited edition.

Donor Only: Cannot be found in nests or bought using regular shells at the warehouse. Must be purchased using donor shells.